A Conspiracy Against Cricket

The cricketing world is a strange world. It is not less than intriguing politics. All the elements of corruption are involved in this game due to glamour money and fame. The players play politics to strengthen their grip over the boards. The boards conspire to oust the players and the rival teams play politics to humiliate the opposite teams by hook or by crook. The events of the recent past are enough to witness the view point.

Whenever a player bowler or batsman produce extra ordinary difficulties for the Australian or European players they make him target. They have spoiled the career of many players of high profile. A few succeeded to escape their evil clutches but many fell a prey to their mischievous shenanigans .they opposed Murli tharan, asif shoaib akhtar, shabbier and many more. When they fail in such accusative plans they try to entangle them in engineered corruption.

When the English players saw that Pakistani team has come out of the bag and is able to destroy any side they planned against the super batsman and the match winning bowler at a critical time. The alleged corruption could not be proved even by the Scotland Yard but the ICC is perplexing the situation. The youngsters are debarred from playing cricket.

Amir who is the one and only bowler with a lot of varieties deceiving the star batsmen is facing the charges without proof. Same is the case with other players. The newspaper cock and bull stories about their corruption and alleged involvement in the match fixing and book making have not been proved by any one. It is clear that the aim of the planners was to oust him from Pakistani squad. In the same way Muhammad asif who is the name of pace bowling is facing the same fate.

Why is so?

I can forecast that they would prove clean as the aims have been fulfilled. it is not fair not only with the players but also with the game .in fact it is the Pakistan cricket board that is involved in selling players and the game not the players . Pakistani board could not assure the ICC about the security of the players. Srilanka and India are more vulnerable sites for playing cricket as far as security is concerned but their boards are sincere with the game and their country. The alleged corruption of Pakistani board is concealed by making the players scapegoat. The ICC should have certain rules also that could oust the corrupt chairmen too.