Michael Bevan; The God of One-Day Cricket

Thinking of one-day cricket, no one can ever forget Michael Bevan. The achievements of many cricketers can be cited as examples of sporting heroes who rose like a phoenix and became history without a trace. As of Bevan, one can only wonder about what keeps him going on and on. It is his fighting spirit till the end that won Australia many a match.

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Who is Michael Bevan?

He is one of the most gifted cricketers that Australia has ever produced. Born on 8 May 1970 in Belconnen, Bevan has started his career as a dependent batsman for Australia from the very beginning of his career. His average of unattainable 53.58 is still the best in the entire history of one-day cricket. Fondly called as Bevo, he is a useful bowler too during crunch situations.

Unique Batting Style

Michael Bevan is one of those few cricketers who is fast between the wickets besides playing with wit. His timing and placement of ball will be always remembered. The most significant part of his batting is that of the kind of pressure he is used to handle. Perhaps, he is known for chasing the target whenever Australia has to win at any cost. He almost single-handedly provided victories to Australia several times.

Glance at Bevan’s Batting Prowess

Cricket lovers will always remember Michael Bevan as an accomplished player because of his rare histrionics during the World Cup held in 2003. His partnership along with Andy Bichel helped Australia to cruise to the Super Six stage. At that point of time, Australia would have been out of the series if only the match was lost. Bevan returned back to the pavilion unbeaten with a winning score of 74.

A Cricketer of Multiple Facets

Though aptly called as one-day specialist, Bevan is also a useful bowler during the slog overs and a sharp fielder in the covers. His athleticism can be estimated when he is often compared by many with the likes of Jonathan Rhodes, the best ever fielder world cricket has ever produced. The latest news about Michael Bevan is that he is currently coaching Chennai Superstars, one of the winning teams of Indian Premier League or IPL.